Khamba Thaibi

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Khamba Thoibi is a legendary Meitei language epic poem based on the 12th century love saga between Khuman prince Khamba and Moirang princess Thoibi in the ancient kingdom of Moirang. The poetry is composed by the legendary Bard Hijam Anganghal of Samurou and is regarded as the national epic of the Manipuris. The poetry is the greatest of all the epic poetries in Meitei literature, with 34,000 verses, even longer than the Ramayana. The epic saga is one of the major elements of the ancient body of chronicles "Moirang Shayon" (Moirang incarnations) as well as "Moirang Kangleirol" (ancient Moirang legends), the two great cultural resources of Manipur.;
It depicts the tale of the love of a poor but a noble youth (Khamba) for a princess (Thoibi), a story of which there are versions in the folk-lore of every land. The more expert dancers assume the lead, and they dance and execute the theme of the story.|